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Insanity to the Nth Degree

Everyone is always trying to be someone else

Can't really blame them for the attempt itself
We're all guilty of something one way or another
It seems impossible to escape the inevitability of hurting
a brother

a lover
a mother
a friend
I long to see an end
To it to the endless cycle of love, pain, then torture
Makes so many feel like they've got some kind of disorder

Forced to face demons that flourish by pushing other people under
Why do we do this to each other?
It's no mystery - you're just like me - no need to go undercover
We're all chasing the same dream of love
It's futile to pretend like you're someone that's above

Regardless of what you do
This reality is a facade
We're both stuck in the same room
Till it's time to face the face of God
Our light will continue to shine
Even after we trash these vessels
Until then, be wary of devils
You know, the influences of human toxicity
Things and people that will eclipse your true capabilities
Because there's no such thing as good or evil
Nothing is truly spiritually illegal 
But we all have an everlasting it impact
I know that might seem abstract
But in reality it is our inherent immortality
That's why there's no need to fear fatalities
The universe goes on regardless of humanity
It doesn't give a fuck about your nationality
your sexuality
your immoralities

And still your life is perfect
No need to dissect
Continue to live and shine your internal light
And go forth into the night
Knowing that the only truth and solution is that thereof
Instead of this constant division all we gotta do is love 


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