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Coastal dreams of PCH beaches
Paradise trees amongst Hollywood leeches
You see it all on TV
Sex, weed, and amphetamines
Coke, speed, and LSD
Love and Teens
Kings and Queens
All you can eat fast food eateries
Don't forget the celebrities
All on screens, screens, screens!
Paranormal activities
Political formalities
Foreign fatalities
Watching the real world happen live!
Waiting for the next season to arrive
Something's just not quite right
Why do I just want to buy, buy, buy, buy?
All in an attempt to satisfy?
And all this trash - how can I justify?
This this habitual consumption is just magnified
By my narcissistic insecurities I try to beautify
I hide
My vulnerabilities behind these gaudy masks
Distracting myself from endless tasks
I'm a slave to material things
Student debt has clipped my wings
Blood, sweat, and tears are literally woven into my clothes
The meat I eat hurts the earth and contribute to its toxic disposal And plastic knows it's earth better than its maker
Acre by acre
Oh, you religious conservatives
Pro-life but against renewable alternatives
Saying, "Humans shouldn't elevate themselves to a divine level"
But get ready to play God you half-devils!
Taking away a future for the human race will do the trick
That's what will happen if you ignore climate change
You lunatic!
So, we got to work together
To help one another
Cause the top one percent wants us pitted against each other
So they can scam, rob, and swindle leaving us in a gutter
But there's more of us and there are them
All it takes is a small change to create a gem
So turn off the soap operas and go outside
Encourage others to live for life.


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