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Sugar Cubes


Too far for my vision, a haze fills my eyes

Choking the silence, sending tears from the skies

Dark liquid soaks my skin with some fragile warmth

She smiles at me and nods, beckoning me to come forth

A free trip down the rabbit hole - what a pleasant surprise

If only I knew, that this would be my demise...

I follow

Through fields of milk and honey

With her, my life couldn’t be more sunny

Never knowing, never thinking of where we are going

None of it mattered, we were above it all - floating

On an endless road, never a decisive decision

Driving full force ahead, awaiting for some collision


I missed the bus stop that should’ve taken me home

Stuck in this infinite time loop with her all alone

Red skies and mud on my feet

Too far in with an inability to speak

Off-road driving, she locks me in

None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t sinned

All the while she stays silent, wearing a grin

But the stereo begins talking to me

Urging me to give in

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